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Combo Plates

1 Orange Flavor Chicken Combo
Chow Mein, Orange Flavor Chicken, Cashew Nut Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken
2 Sweet & Sour Pork Combo
Chow Mein, Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Pork, (2) Pot Stickers
3 Teriyaki Chicken Combo
Steamed Rice, Chop Suey, Teriyaki Chicken
4 Kung Pao Chicken Combo
Fried Rice, Chop Suey, Kung Pao Chicken
5 Broccoli Beef Combo
Fried Rice, BBQ Pork, Broccoli Beef, (1) Egg Roll
6 Spicy Combo
Chow Mein, Green Pepper Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Mandarin Chicken
7 BBQ Pork Combo
BBQ Pork, Chop Suey, Fried Rice, (3) Fried Wonton
8 Mongolian Beef Combo
Teriyaki Chicken, (1) Fried Shrimp, Chow Mein, Mongolian Beef
9 Almond Chicken Combo
Fried Rice, Chow Mein, Almond Chicken, Mongolian Beef
  Lunch Bowl
Choose any (1) meat item plus (2) of any of the following items: Fried Rice, Steamed Rice, Chow Mein, Chop Suey, Chicken Rice Noodle (Extra $1.00 for Kung Pao Shrimp)
  Mini Meal
Choose (1) main entrée plus any choice of (1) meat item
  Family Dinner
(1) Quart Fried Rice, (1) Quart Chow Mein, (2) Quarts any meat entrée, (4) Egg Rolls or Large Soup (Extra $2.00 per pint for Kung Pao Shrimp)


Cook To Order

1 Orange Flavor Chicken      
2 Kung Pao Chicken      
3 Mandarin Chicken      
4 Mushroom Chicken      
5 Green Pepper Chicken      
6 Szechwan Chicken      
7 General Chicken      
8 Cashew Nut Chicken      
9 Almond Chicken      
10 Sweet & Sour Chicken      
11 Salt & Pepper Shrimp      
12 Broccoli Beef      
13 Orange Beef      
14 Mongolian Beef      
15 Riblets w/ Black Bean Sauce      
16 Sweet & Sour Riblets      
17 BBQ Pork      
18 Sweet & Sour Pork      
19 Kung Pao Shrimp      
20 Curry Shrimp      
21 Fish w/ Black Bean Sauce      
22 Shrimp Chow Mein      
23 Shrimp Fried Rice      
24 Shrimp Rice Noodle      
25 Chicken Chow Mein      
26 Chicken Fried Rice      
27 Chicken Rice Noodle      
28 Beef Chow Mein      
29 Beef Fried Rice      
30 Beef Rice Noodle      
31 Vegetable Chow Mein      
32 Vegetable Fried Rice      
33 Steamed Rice      
34 Chop Suey      
35 Spicy Chicken Salad      
36 Chicken Salad      
37 Teriyaki Chicken      
38 Egg Roll      
39 Fried Shrimp      
40 Egg Foo Yung      
41 Fried Wonton      
42 Wonton Soup w/ Noodles      
43 Wonton Soup      
44 Hot & Sour Soup      
45 Egg Flower Soup      
  Meat Chow Mein, Rice      
  Shrimp Chow Mein, Rice      
  Vegetable Chow Mein/Chop Suey      
  Chicken Salad/Chicken Rice Noodle      
  Pork, Beef, Chicken      
  Kung Pao Shrimp      
  Curry Shrimp      
  Fish w/ Black Bean Sauce